Experience turn-based battles with unique (we tried) action mechanics.


Each battle redefines the character's actions binded to dice values.

Each turn you must choose one of the dice responsible for an action, and spend all other dice on that action.


Try to choose the lowest values for the desired action so that the remaining dice with the highest values are spent on the chosen action.


  • Mouse is enough to play;
  • No need to know any language;
  • 3-letter game name (remember us, please);
  • Cardboard animations;
  • Seems to be without bugs (I haven't found any...);
  • Cute characters;
  • An equally charming player who decorates the game.

P.S. 3d6 is 3 dices with 6 faces. Oh, those tabletop players...

P.P.S. Oh, I forgot to do a music update for each background. Accordingly, the music corresponding to the first background currently plays during combat. The music should have been updated each battle to a new background. But you can reload page or re-open executable to hear all tracks. Luckily, first background is random too.


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Good job on the style/feel of the game! Everything fits well together. (Also a good idea to use curtains as background =p)


I like the animations, and the general style of the game. Definitely could use a bit more refinement, but solid otherwise! nice job!